mindfulness, &
healthy lifestyle.

The main mission of Yoga & Love™ is to educate underserved populations by providing yoga, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle activities through partnerships with schools, public housing authorities, libraries, the department of corrections, and community centers.

Where Yoga & Love™ is currently focusing our efforts:


Yoga & Love™ provides yoga education in multiple school systems. Legalizing yoga in Alabama’s public schools is our number one goal!

Public Housing

Yoga & Love™ administers yoga programs throughout Jefferson County with a strong presence in Birmingham District Housing Authority. We are constantly working to expand across the state.

Community and Recreational Centers

Yoga & Love™ trains educators, peer counselors, and recreational center leaders enabling them to provide yoga education in their area.

Help us help others

Spread the love by purchasing the “Yoga and Love” plate from your local DMV. Proceeds go towards providing yoga and mindfulness education to those who might not receive it otherwise.

What We Do -

What we do:

  • Provide yoga educational programs in multiple school systems
  • Equip community center leaders to lead yoga and mindfulness classes at their facilities
  • Currently working to produce quality television programming to educate children across the state as to the importance of staying healthy, practicing mindfulness, and being the change they want to see

Bringing Yoga and Love to public schools, community centers, public housing, & correctional facilities- it’s what we do. 

We love to share the love!

Yoga and Love License Plate

License Plate Update:

The pre-commitment process was successful! We have a tentative issuance date from the Alabama Department of Revenue for December 1st, 2020. Once this date is confirmed and in effect, the vouchers will be emailed to those who have committed to purchase this tag. Thank you for your support!